Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I love reading all the blogs of new friends I have met on the internet. I never even used a computer til just a few short years ago and then it was only for work. Now as I find the courage to venture more into "cyberland" I find I want to learn how I too can have a special blogsite that makes you want to grab a nice cup of tea and pull up the chair to visit for a spell. Slowly I am learning different things that I never even knew the meaning of before. I have learnt about http and url's (now if I could just figure out how and where to put them I would really be happy! But during all this learning phase I met a nice new friend named Lori. She was so patient and kind in explaining to me how to embed music on my site. She and I have exchanged several emails and even though there is an age difference ( yes I am the oldie) our friendship will be something special. So thank you Lori for your help, your kindness and for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my blog and write such a nice email about it. Wish I could give you flowers in person but these are for you.


Maggie Ann said...

Your blog is lovely!! You and Lori make a good team = ).

ms*robyn said...

I love your blog too....I am the same as you with html... it is trial and error for me... more error :) but eventually I can work it out.
I was looking to put music on my blog but it seems way too I have the sounds of silence :)
have fun learning !!