Thursday, September 22, 2005

Have made some veggie soup in the crockpot and left it simmering.Trying to get Whiskers to come back in the house. He has decided he doesn't like Molly after spending almost a week with her. He sits under the magnolia tree and cries. Want to make some sourdough bread later today if I get all my projects done. Yesterday I seemed to flit from one thing to another so today I have a list and am going to stick to it or at least try to. Its suppose to be 90 degrees here for the first day of fall.... Mother nature has a sick sense of humor. Hope everyone in the path of hurricane Rita is safely out of the way. Prayers going out that it will weaken before hitting land and that it will not take a life.
Happy First Day of Fall Everyone!


Finn said...

Good Morning Peggy, I'll be scooting right down to have a bowl of that veggie soup with you..*VBG* So nice to be home and back to sharing life with my blogger friends !
The book was posted yesterday, should be there shortly. Hope you like it..*VBS* Feel free to drop me an email from the addy at my blogs. Have a wonderful flitt-filled day..Hugs, Finn

ms*robyn said...

sometimes I have days like that, Peggy! lists is what I do best - without them, I wander aimlessly. Spring down here & this little gal is not looking forward to summer

Amy said...

mmm that vegie soup sounds delicious, I always add a can of creamed corn to my soups as it adds some sweet flavour to it. Hope you get that neighbour's pitbull sorted out. Those type of dogs are banned here in nz because they are so vicious especially towards small children.