Thursday, September 22, 2005

I Got Mail

I got another postcard!!! My niece Brandy sent me a lovely card that she picked up on her trip to Los Angeles, CA. That is one of very few states I haven't went to yet. Brandy wrote a nice note and even told me about some lovely vintage postcards she has purchased at a great deal she is sending everyone next... So watch your mailbox. Thanks Brandy and will chat with you tomorrow. Hugs! I just love going to the mailbox everyday now thanks to Ms. Robyn. If you were here Ms. Robyn I would dance a jig for you. LOL


Maggie Ann said...

Your little racoon dancing the jig is so fun 'lol'. You just know he's happy. The swaps are fun. I joined the collage one ( finally) and am having fun making them.

ms*robyn said...

love that critter! and I am SO glad that you are enjoying the mail, me too ! Plus its good to see that Brandy is getting in on it as well.