Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Got Mail!

Since we are having lots of rain and wind today I decided to hop in the van and drive down to check the mailbox. Along with the electric and phone bill I found a lovely postcard! A picture of the beautiful west coastline of New Zealand with a nice note on the back from Amy. Thank you so much Amy for brightening my dreary day by sharing your springtime plans with me. This postcard swap has made going to the mailbox fun again!


Leticia said...

Hey Peggy! Thank you for stopping by.

I love your journal here, it is wonderfully fit for the fall.

I have to commend you and your husband for wanting to have a simpler lifestyle. Although, growing your own veggies is a great idea.

I will be coming by often.

Amy said...

No problem, glad you liked the postcard. I loved yours!