Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Vintage Items

I have this old ice box that I bought off from a traveling produce man. I happened to mention to him I liked antiques and vintage items so he drove home and came back with this metal ice box. All the wire racks are still inside and the pan and plug where the water went when the ice melted is still in good shape. I haven't decided where I will put it when we redo the kitchen but right now it is holding the microwave on top and cleaning items inside. My hubby wanted to sand and repaint it but that will take away from value and its history so it will keep its few rusty places.

I have a favorite antique shop I go to in Lexington. Father and son business that has grown from one 2 story building to 2 buildings. They always give me a good price on items and even save things back they know I will like. I picked up this enamelware bucket for only $6.00. It is in great shape with no leaks. I also got the enamelware dipper for $2.50. I have them sitting on an old bench by the back door. The bench came from an estate sale my hubby went to.


Sandy said...

That's so cool. I really admire you guys. I have always had dreams of going "back to the land"
(I think there are too many people to sustain to do it the old way though.)

Sandy said...

ooh, I just looked at your profile..we love the same books and authors!

Patricia said...

what great finds!
that ice box is really cool. it makes me think of the families who used such items all those years ago.

Maggie Ann said...

I like your vintage things. The icebox is amazing, I've never seen one like that before. The bucket and dipper are a real find too. Loved the comment you left at Knitting Kat about your Mom. You know how I feel, just like we're having that tea party!