Sunday, September 04, 2005


If you haven't seen this movie you absolutely need to! I decided to watch it because a friend recommended it and because it was filmed in the Appalachian Mtns. near Asheville, NC. I thought I might recognise places in the movie. Well it was so good I forgot to even think about that. From the minute the movie started with Dr. Lily (Janet McTeer) singing I was hooked. The movie is filled with dozens of Scots- Irish ballads. The music alone held me but it also has a good story with it. It is rated PG-13. Last night or rather early early this morning I couldn't sleep so put this movie in. No way I could get sleepy watching this! Takes us back in time to the early 1900"s to the way of life of the mountain people. Trust me.... its a must see!

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ms*robyn said...

ok, I am going to look out for this one - thanks !