Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tomorrow morning I am driving to Lexington to meet William and work on packing more things in the house there. We hope to have it all emptied and clean by the end of October. We still have 2 storage buildings to move and his pick-up and trailer. I will be glad when its all over with and I won't have to pack another box or unpack it for that matter. So I will be away from my computer for a couple of days. Look forward to catching up on everyone's blogs when I return and finding fun mail in the mailbox. Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe! Now the answers below are for you Finn.....and .... Jenn

5 Things I want to do before I die
1.Live completely off grid
2.Spend a winter in Alaska
3.Take all the grandchildren to Disney for a week
4.Hike the Appalachian Trail from beginning to end
5.Own a vacation cottage in KeyWest

5Things I can do
1.Scuba Dive
2.Drive a school bus
3.Roller skate backwards without falling
4.Bake a cake in a paper bag over hot coals (girl scouts for 12 yrs)
5.Stay calm in a emergency (till its all over then I fall apart)

5 Things I cannot do (yet)
1.Have patience with anything (God's only mistake... He didn't give me any LOL)
2.Speak a foreign language (want to learn Spanish)
3.not panic when I have to drive somewhere new (working on it )
4.Keep my mouth shut when I see someone being mistreated
5.Sing (this will never change)

5Things that attract me to the opposite sex
3.Not afraid to work
4.Love of outdoors
5.Love of animals

5Things I say alot
1. Kiss my grits
2.Get real
3.William I can't get anything done if I talk to you on the phone all day!
4.Sharon you didn't blog today
5.In your dreams

5 celebrity Crushes
1.Johnny Depp
2.Kurt Russell
3.Bruce Willis
4. Garth Brooks
5.John Travolta

5 People I'd like to do this
1. Sharon (Mom's Zoo)
2.Kara (Home at Heart)
3.Tee (Spilt Milk)
4.Jeanne (Jeanne's Bliss)
5.Lori (Noggins Bits)


Maggie Ann said...

It was fun to read your answers, Peggy! I am very impressed with what you can do. Especially the bake a cake in a bag. That is impressive! ...hope your work goes well, I'll be by to check and see when you get home.

Anne said...

What a fabulous blog! I would so love to do what you are efforting to do but DH would just never hear of it.

Best of luck in your endeavor-I'll be checking in often!

suburbansider said...

I enjoyed reading your five things too. I thought the five things you can do were so funny and very random!