Saturday, October 15, 2005

Another blog to read!! My youngest daughter Megan has decided to start blogging again. She had a blog while her family was at Ft. Stewart, Ga. but when her hubby got deployed on a second tour of Iraq she moved back to the old homeplace in the mountains of NC. Megan has been busy trying to get the old farm house fixed up while taking care of Quintin and Gabby. I have been bugging her for awhile to blog again because something is always happening around her and she makes me laugh when she tells me. Hope you will check her blog out and get a laugh or two and welcome her to blogworld!!


Anonymous said...

I love to read your daughter's blog as well. I love to hear about North Carolina where I still have family on my Father's side. I lived down there as a wee small child for a brief time.
Too young to remember!
I write to my cousin Susan who lives in

Maggie Ann said...

Well, how nice that your daughter has a blog now! I've got your collage done and it will go in the mail tomorrow !! Hope you like it Peggy. I enjoyed making it. Very much =).