Friday, October 14, 2005

Ms. Robyn has been having lots of fun and a little stress getting ready for her daughter Louise's wedding. On her blog she posted about finally getting the wedding dress safely home, so when I came across this picture you know who I thought of right a way!! Ms. Robyn glad the dress fits and is safe in your guest room. I enjoy reading your posts about the wedding I also know how fast everything seems to be moving for you at the moment.... Just remember to breathe!!! Hugs my friend


ms*robyn said...

oh Peggy - thanks so much. the picture is just gorgeous & yes, you are right, time is flying right now - the day will be here & gone before we know it. BIG hugs to you xx

Amy said...

hey Peggy, where do you get your lovely vintage images from (if you don't mind me asking)