Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I Got Mail!!

Along with my electric bill I got 2 absolutely beautiful collages!! I just love going to the mailbox now and even my post lady looks forward to seeing where my mail is coming from each day. The first one I opened was from Melissa and it is so wonderful! Melissa you really outdid yourself and I thank you soooooooo much!
Isn't it gorgeous!! I am going to frame all my collages and hang them on a wall between the kitchen and dining room. And here is Maggie's fantastic collage! It has a small key hanging from it that I will have to hide from Finn! Maggie also sent me a beautiful book and bookmark! Maggie you are one talented lady and I am very very happy with your collage!
Maggie I can't wait to read the stories of Hearts and Home... it looks like I will not be able to put it down. To both of you I say again Thank You!!!

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Maggie Ann said...

Peggy, I'm glad you like your collage and that it got to you safely. I enjoyed making it for you. = ) Very much!! Melissa's collage to you is beautiful. I love the little girl at the table mixing up something good. That is adorable! and...happy reading, (although I do tat, I didn't make this bookmarker, the lady that taught me to tat made it I believe, I got it at the Mountain Craft Days recently) Won't our collages look great framed! My idea so far is to get complimentary mats and use tape 'loops' to center the collages onto the front of the matboard...if that works and it worked for the collage you made me, which I love. Oh that sweet dress on it..with the children underneath. Love & hugs to you!