Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oh Maggie guess what I am doing. I started to throw away the shipping packages and found a lovely note and tea bags you had snuck in! Thank you and I am having the peach right now. You got it right I am a tea not coffee drinker. Hugs My Friend


Maggie Ann said...

So, you are a tea drinker = ) nice..tea is so comforting I think. Hugs to you too!

Maggie Ann said...

Did I mention how much I love the puffing teapot? Well, I do...I think its the cutest thing. Wish I had one. And I was wondering, could you direct me to a site that tells how to put music on a blog? Am thinking about it once in a while. Whoops, almost forgot, you commented at knitting kat, you hoped I would put more pics of the house on...I have already posted the living room previously.Not to long ago but when...hmmm.?