Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Thank each and everyone of you for your prayers! As you know last week Williams semi truck broke down a couple of days after he got it out of the shop. He had to have it towed to another repair shop and was so upset over what he thought was wrong. He said if what he thought was wrong we were looking at a $5000 repair bill and this was after we had paid a $1700 repair bill and $200 towing. He used a loner truck to finish his delivery and then came home to be depressed. Nothing I could say or do could lift this depression. He even thought about just getting out of trucking and leave his truck sitting at the repair shop. I was ready for a padded room myself trying to cheer him up. But I know God answers prayers and I know when more than one person prays God listens even more. I ask each of you to pray for William and the truck repair. I got family to pray and I was doing a lot of knee mail myself. Today William finally calls about his truck. Until today he was so depressed and thinking it was going to have to have major repairs he wouldn't even call about it. Well, he was told that they went over that truck from one end to the other and all they found wrong was a fuel injector and a hose.... Repair bill...... $846!!! William said it was throwing fuel into the oil but the repair shop said there was no fuel in the oil and the truck was running fine. William is one happy guy right now and I reminded him he better be saying a prayer for thanks and he had better not forget all the people that had been praying for him. So from William and myself.... THANK YOU!!!! Your prayers helped more than I could ever say. William isn't one to get down and depressed like he was for the last few days. Your prayers gave me strength to be there for him and know that God would answer our prayer in a way that would be best for us. Each day as I say my prayers I still remember each of you and your needs at that time and ask you keep us in your prayers too. Thank you again and hugs to each of you my dear friends!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love you
When prayers go up
Blessings come down!
Love and hugs
so glad all things are mending for your son and you!
Love Jeanne

Maggie Ann said...

Peggy, the good news fills my heart with gratitude and makes my eyes water with a tear or two. So glad for you and your William to have this load lifted by the Lord and have the outcome be not so bad. with love, m.a.