Monday, November 21, 2005

Cooking Secrets

I am making my pies today and decided I would share my secret for flaky pie crust. This is the recipe my mother's mother gave me. She could make the best pies and cakes around! I am also going to pass on my secret for out of this world mash potatoes. Instead of boiling your potatoes in water, boil them in chicken broth. When you are ready to mash them, use real butter and couple tablespoons of sourcream. When you add your salt and pepper add a little pinch of garlic powder and parsley. Now for the pie crust......

3/4 cup vegetable shortening
1/4 cup BOILING water
1 TBS. Milk
2 cups sifted flour
1 tsp. Salt
Put shortening in medium bowl and add water and milk. Break up shortening with a fork. Tilt bowl and beat with fork in quick cross the bowl strokes until mixture is smooth and thick. Sift flour and salt onto shortening. With vigorous round the strokes stir quickly forming dough that clings together and cleans the sides of the bowl. Pick up dough and work into a smooth flat round. Divide in half and form two balls. Roll out and make 2 crusts.

So now you have the family secret of great pie crusts and mash potatoes....... Have a great Thanksgiving!


Finn said...

Hi Peggy, good to see you home again..hope you had a marvelous time...even tho work was involved.

Your recipes sound interesting..might just have to give them a try...altho I don't cook much anymore. Hope you found my "thank you" for the lovely postcard I received last week...*VBS* If not.."thanks" *S*

Maggie Ann said...

Thankyou Peggy for sharing your wonderful recipes!! I have been wanting to do something to make mashed potatoes special for years and haven't known what to do. I'll be trying this out for sure.... Did you get all you wanted to do done on this last trip? Thankyou for the blessing of your blog. I like to come visit you *smile*

Kali said...

okay ~ they sound seriously yummy ~ making those mashed potatoes soon :)

my vintage days said...

I tried my first pie this year and really enjoyed it, now I'm going to move up and try one with the secret recipe, Thanks.

Maggie Ann. I know Another way to make mashed~taters special is to add food coloring..LOL!
We did that once just for fun. We even added a drop to our glass of milk. We had a blue supper theme. The kids and us laughed all the way through supper. I know food color can't be good for ya so it was just a once thing, but boy did the kids love it.