Thursday, November 10, 2005

In a previous post I wrote about Brian having to pay to ship his gear home from Iraq. Brian can afford the $400 or more to ship his gear home. What is upsetting is many soldiers cannot. They have to stay in till their gear gets back when they should be discharged and back home with family. Why is our government making the soldiers pay? This will really make interested people think twice about joining. We have written over 100 emails to government officials, newspapers, news stations, etc. We have already heard back from some and hopefully our voice will be heard and the soldiers that have served our country past their time of enlistment can come home and be honorably discharged and go home where they belong and deserve to be. Thanks to all who have written and prayed. Brian cannot believe so many people are willing to speak out. He cares about his soldiers and knows many of them are young newly weds with little money to spare. Brian doesn't want them having to stay active 2 or 3 months extra when they have already given so much.


novaks8 said...

It doesn't make sense to me.

Why not just receive notice when their stuff comes in?

Then maybe if they didn't want to come back to base to get it, they could pay for their personal items to be shipped.
But even that seems crazy.

With all the money wasted in the govt, what is that little extra?

Shell said...

That's ridiculous. I can't believe that is what you get for risking your life.

Finn said...

Hi Peggy, good to see you..*VBS* Quite the situation over "there" that our boys have to deal with and keep dealing with. I guess, as with the Civil War, we still must take matters in our own hands. Even uniforms and blankets, as well as food needed to be provided for our "boys" back in the 1800's. The government just could keep the North supplied. Hard to believe it's happening 150+ years later.
Hugs for you and all who need one...Finn