Tuesday, November 29, 2005


This is a german cookie. Its a hard cookie and will keep for weeks.

8 cups flour sifted 1 1/2 cups molasses

1 cup water grated orange peel of one orange

3/4 cup shortening 1 teaspoon of cloves, allspice and cinnamon

Mix together all the ingredients but the flour and bring to a boil. Chill thoroughly, then gradually add the flour and knead into smooth dough. Let the dough stand for 2 hours. Roll very thin and cut into medium sized rounds. Bake at 350 until light brown.


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Sounds like a good coffee dunking cookie. Add some cranberry bits from berries from your local marsh, they would be a real seasonal tasting treat. But no longer traditional!

I make biscotti for coffee dunking. . .life's simple pleasures.

Tai said...

A molasses cookie?

A good OLD FASHIONED molassas cookie?

Wow. I haven't had one of those since my Hungarian/German grandma died many years ago.

Thank you!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

wow....that sounds yummy..real yummy..is it like a ginger snap or something??

Finn said...

Hi Peggy, thanks for the consoling over at Pieces..I sure can use some.

Yes, I think what you suggested is exactly what I'll have to do, fit it with a "collar" of sorts, something pieced in to make the opening smaller, thank goodness I have quite a bit of all 4 fabrics. But this is soooooo NOT what I need right now...LOL

Mrs.Garcia said...

I can't wait to try this cookie recipe out.
Thank you for the recipe.

Amy said...

oooh now this sounds like a recipe I have got to print out, my kids go through baking within a few days so if this one makes heaps then I'll be all for it. Lots of flour though wow...

Carol said...

Ha ha Peggy, what a coincidence. we were just talking about "Pfeffernüsse" yesterday at my office, because my boss asked me to buy some. I don't like to eat such hard and dry cookies, but of course I bought some for him. My colleague didn't even know them and she is German!