Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Prayer For The Day

Family life is often pedestrian: working, cooking, washing, fixing, building, teaching, learning. It is sometimes painful: being misunderstood, having to give or receive discipline, losing someone, changing, growing.
Yet family life has the power to comfort deeply: feeling accepted, being protected, getting tucked in at night, receiving sympathy. And it offers some of the best moments we will ever experience with others- adventuring, playing, laughing, teasing, hugging, holding. In my family life, God you have given me a safe place of belonging, where I can experience all the facets of life. Thank you for this blessing.


Anonymous said...

A most beautiful prayer.
It begins and ends with family!
Love Jeanne

Maggie Ann said...

How true! I enjoyed these thoughts.

Walter Jeffries said...

Aye, and family life is the important stuff. I designed my life around being there. What point is there in being an absentee parent and partner, missing out on life! Your posting says it well.