Thursday, November 24, 2005

Shopping Secret

You know how you like to go to thrift stores, Goodwills, and second hand shops? Well now you can search for those bargains without leaving your home! You can search thru Goodwill shops from all over the United States and find all kinds of treasures! It works similar to eBay but items are much less costly. In one evening I got brand new still in the box and wrappings Eight different game cube games for my grandsons, 3 1894 cast iron Wagner skillets, a three stooges doll and spent next to nothing including shipping! You can click on estimate shipping cost before you bid. They have everything from antiques to vintage linens to clothes to electronics.... check it out. I am hooked!


Maggie Ann said...

Peggy, just thought I'd visit quickly before I go to bed. I love your Christmas postcard and the wonderfully uplifting paragraph beside it. What a wonderful way to end my Thanksgiving come here for a blessing. I am very interested in the Good Will site, and will visit tomorrow..*smile* and enjoy it, I know. Blessings to you!

Gina E. said...

Wow Peggy - these Goodwill stores must be so well organised! Our thrift shops are usually so chockers with stuff, I doubt if anyone could ever get around to listing stuff on a computer, let alone photographing it and setting up a website! Thanks for the link; I had a good look around and saw some great stuff, but I am NOT going to be tempted. I do enough damage to our bank account via eBay, without going elsewhere!

ms*robyn said...

oh wow !! you won't see me for weeks - thanks !!!!
I have lots to catch up on your blog here xoxo