Saturday, November 26, 2005

Turn Up Your Sound For A Special Song

Each year when we have our family Christmas weekend one of the things we do is paint a Christmas ornament. Those ornaments go on a special tree. 2 years ago Megan decided to mix a few colors and her ornament turned out kinda weird looking. We gave her a hard time and she tried hiding it but I found it and hung it on the tree. The picture I have posted is of last Christmas. Some of the grandkids are painting their stain glass ornaments. We painted in shifts because there were 21 of us last year. The ornaments may not win any art awards but as I hang them on the tree I can see how special each one is to me. For each daughter, son in law and grandchild's love of Christmas magic can be seen in every ornament. So when this tree is set up with all the ornaments on I can sit back and enjoy the magic of Christmas.... The love of family.

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ms*robyn said...

you & I are so similar - we do lots of the same thing ! we are just starting to make our decorations for our Jesse tree.