Sunday, November 27, 2005

Turn Up Your Sound.. Great Song Playing

When the girls were small they sat down in front of the fireplace to play a brand new sesame street board game. They kept fighting over the game and I kept having to referee. Finally I gave my last warning. One more fight and the game is going into the fire! Well a few minutes later there was another fight so I walked over, picked up the game and calmly threw it in the fire. I wish I had taken a picture of the faces on those 3 girls! Well 2 years ago we had childhood memory Christmas and I went on eBay and searched for a sesame street game. I wrapped it up and after all the gifts were opened I gave the 3 of them that package to open. They loved it and had a good laugh until they started arguing over who got to take it home! Their kids didn't understand what all the fuss was since it wasn't electronic.

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ms*robyn said...

that is funny!!! and thanks so much for the suggestion about the stats thingie :) I have the same one as you now - thanks for being a supportive friend - big hugs to you ms*peggy xox