Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Well Halloween is over. Had a quiet night here but my daughters did call and let the grandchildren tell me about their adventures. Maggie had taken Kristine and Raigun to a Halloween festival over the weekend so tonight they stayed home and made a haunted gingerbread house and watched movies. Melody took Hope, Zack, Julie and Justine trick or treating while Woody decided he was too old this year (10) and he and Joseph went out to eat and played games. Zack said he had plenty of candy to share with Woody. Megan took Quintin and Gabby around to friends house (they live way out in the boonies). Quintin said they were never going to get finished trick or treating because everyone invited them inside to visit. But they did finish and even Quintin says they got tons of candy. Megan dressed up as a frumpy housewife with curlers, mudpack on her face, robe and bedroom slippers. She got a friend to take a picture so they can send it the Brian in Iraq. I am so blessed with my daughters and their families. I was in Lexington for 2 days and William and I got candy for the trick or treaters there. When I talked to him tonight he had one candybar left. He had never been home on Halloween night before so he really enjoyed giving out candy. He kept calling me telling how all the children were dressed. He is still in Lexington doing some repairs on his truck and then heading to Oregon. I came back here to take care of the animals and check on my neighbor Fran so that was my Halloween. We live off the road so don't have treaters here. Now its time to plan for Thanksgiving! The holidays are fast approaching and is the time for family and surprises. Hope you had a good halloween and that your Thanksgiving will be filled with family, friends and food!


Anonymous said...

Blessings love all your postings for Thanksgiving.
Remember to say Rabbit Rabbit
it is the first of the month!
May it bring us all good luck!
Love Jeanne

ms*robyn said...

I simply cannot wait to read of your Thanksgiving traditions. we don't celebrate it here officially,but I do a thanksgiving dinner sometime in November with my children - with all the trimmings..so hopefully will get some ideas from you!

Wanda said...

I'm looking forward to reading your blog this month too. It is just beautiful. Thanksgiving dinner will be early for us this year. We will be having it when #1 son arrives from Baghdad, for his vacation, and don't know exactly when that will be yet.