Saturday, November 26, 2005

Yes, I know its crooked but I am tired! This is my youngest daughter Megan with her husband Brian and their children Quintin and Gabby. This was taken last year. I just wanted to post a family picture since all of you have been keeping Brian in your prayers while he is in Iraq. He read all the comments left by everyone when I posted about him for Thanksgiving. He was really touched by each one. So thanks from him to you, and from me... Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers ...... It's going to be a rough Christmas for them being apart. I have done yardwork all afternoon and this morning I sorted Christmas decorations to give to the girls. I have decorations from our house in Lexington and from the antique shop plus the decorations I had here....... I have way too many so an trying to be a nice mom and share with the girls. But if they fight over them I am going to throw them in the fireplace and burn them. Ask them about their sesame street game . I have 3 trees up so far. I have decided not to put up the 2 large trees up this year but am putting up trees in each room and other decorations. I will do the large trees next year when we are finished redoing the house. Have a yummy pot of turkey noodle soup so think I will go have a bowl........ Have a great weekend.


colleen said...

Hi Peggy, I like the picture kitty corner like that.

Are you a child of Woodstock? Thanks for visiting and playing the game. Answers coming soon.

ms*robyn said...

Peggy - surely will keep Brian in our prayers here..
love reading your blog - you share so much of yourself, its fun to read. gee that turkey noodle soup sounds yummy. have only had that once and that was when I visited Seattle a few years ago. have a bowl for me !!