Saturday, December 03, 2005

Am back and have spent a little time reading your blogs and looking at pictures of your holiday decorations... nice! I got a package from my season swap friend today. I am being good and not opening it til the 23rd but it sure is hard!! Thank you dixie! I still have so much to do that its overwhelming but at least I got some things done at Lexington and Sharon and I got in an afternoon of shopping. I THINK I am finished but we will see. Starting on my baking tomorrow and Monday will find me looking for the perfect ham for our Christmas dinner next Saturday. Have so many secrets I am dying to tell but since my daughters read this blog it will have to wait! Have a great weekend and don't work too hard on your decorating. Am including a site for any of your children or grandchildren that might want to learn to knit or maybe even you! Philip, a blog friend emailed it to me, Thanks Philip!

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Amy said...

Knitting is something I really miss and I was taught this skill by my aunt when I was little. I hope to pass it onto my daughter too.