Saturday, December 03, 2005

My Seasonal Care Package

I have gotten so wrapped up in so many swaps I am having trouble keeping them straight (old age I assume). Anyway I received my package from Dixie and thought I couldn't open it till the 23rd. Thank goodness she emailed me and told me I could open it! It had been driving me crazy all afternoon calling my name. My package is to help me relax while getting ready for Christmas! Included in my care package was candy cane stirrers of which I am using one of right now. Have a nice tall glass of green tea and used my stirrer for the honey and lemon. My cinnamon bun candle is burning and smells divine! Am using my vintage gift tags and Christmas stickers tonight as I wrap packages. Love the cat mint tin! The soap and dollie will be used in a little while when I get up from enjoying my candle. Dixie even remembered my grandchildren and sent crayons and a darling nutcracker paperdoll! Dixie didn't stop there, she used yarn to tie up my packages so I could give them to whiskers and dimples. Whiskers decided to be selfish and not share. Not only did he take his yarn, he snitched Dimples while she was napping. He thought he was hiding in the seat of the bar stool but I found him! Dixie thank you for being such a wonderful season swap friend. I love everything!


ms*robyn said...

well Peggy - I am queen of the confused !! I admit I had way too many swaps going at once. Next year I will limit myself to one at a time. promise,promise, promise !!!
I am so glad that you sorted the swap out - not sure if you were in the vintage/secret santa gift swap? see - I am confused still

Kali said...

on Peggy, what a lucky girl you are ! Dixie has done a wonderful job all looks and sounds delightful :)

Lady Laurie said...

What a fun package,I bet you had a blast opening up all these goodies from Dixie!