Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Busy Day

The grandkids had a busy day today. We stack wood and raked leaves all morning. Quintin cleaned the leaves off of Pop Pop's cabin cruiser while Gabby and I burnt leaves. (he is hoping pop pop will be happy and take him out in the boat in the spring). While I raked and cleaned in the backyard they decided to try and build a cabin for a clubhouse. They got a little of it built but the poles were so heavy they have decided to finish it tomorrow. Except for a short trip to Walmart so they could spend their gift cards given them at Christmas from their other grandparents we spent the day outside. It was 61 degrees and the sun was shining. They worked so hard they ate everything on their plate for supper without saying a word. After showers we are going to play Mancala and watch Polar Express for the second time and go to bed. My guess is they are so tired they won't make it thru the whole movie. Alice (or any other garden person) if you happen to know what this tree (bush) is I would love to know. We have 3 of them across the front of the deck. They only bloom in the winter and ice or freezing temps don't harm them. During the other seasons they just have lots of green leaves. Winter they are full of red blooms. Unless I plant something or its something most everyone knows I don't know flowering plants, trees etc very well. These were planted by William before I came into the picture.
Yes, I know the pictures aren't great but I am still using my old camera and the sun was so bright while I was snapping. I am going to try downloading pictures from the new one again after the grandkids are in bed so they won't see me get mad and say things a grandma isn't suppose to say!


ms*robyn said...

Peggy,I am pretty sure that is a camellia. Not sure if it is a sasanqua or japonica though.

Alice said...

Yes, Ms Robyn is correct, they are camellias. The leaves and flowers suggest to me that they are Camellia japonica, but which of the many thousands of varieties I don't know. Anyway, Peggy, the cold won't hurt them, as you've already found and they're very good value. You can prune them a little if they get unruly, although that's not usually a problem.

Oak Spring farm said...

I have the same plants in Virginia and they look like they will bloom this January. Very unusual plant.

Peggy said...

But Perri the music is here.. maybe your sound is turned down.