Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Christmas Gifts

Sweet Mary leaned against the hay
Beside his manger bed
Strong Joseph kept his silent watch
And praying bent his head
The night wind ceased its sighing
But softly whispering said
The light burst forth from heaven
And swept away the night
The startled shepherds knelt
And saw the vision burning bright
Heard the message of salvation
Knew the meaning of the light
The angels o'er Judeah's plains
Set all the earth to singing
The weary world rejoiced to rise
And set the bells to ringing
Responding to the gift of Life
The Christ to us came bringing
These gifts from God we pray for all
As Jesus's birth draws near
May you receive His Peace, His Hope
The message of good cheer
From heaven itself, the gift sublime
That sweetly crowns the year

by anna d lutz

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