Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Here is the Australian version of Jingle bells
with music and singing


Mrs. Darling said...

Love it!

Amy said...

You know something funny? Yesterday I heard my children singing these words to the tune of jingle bells - they were singing:
"jingle bells
batman smells
robin ran away
father christmas lost his whiskers
on the motorway".
I laughed when I heard them...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my computer is being slow for some reason..I will have to come back later and check it out

Alice said...

I wondered if all the words in this version would be familiar to you all? Here's a few explanations, just in case:

UTE - I think you would call it a pick-up truck,

ESKY - a portable food/drink cooler (esky is a brand name but is now used to refer to any cooler, in the same way that you call any vacuum cleaner a Hoover),

KELPIE - a cattle dog,

THONGS - flipflops, definitely not G-strings,

SWAGGIE - a tramp (they walk from farm to farm asking to do odd jobs in return for some food. They carry their bedding, etc. in a roll, called a swag, on their back. Lots of 'swaggies' around during the Depression but rarely encountered these days - I guess they can collect the Dole now.)

Amy said...

the only word we use is ute, thongs for us are jandals, esky is a chilli bin and a kelpie is a farm dog.

judypatooote said...