Sunday, December 04, 2005

Whiskers Holiday Spirit

After getting the picture of the dog in my email I just couldn't resist! Whiskers sat there and let me put his holiday collar and hat on and didn't even try to run or fight me over it..... but as you can tell he is not a happy santa. I know Whiskers is going to make me pay for this later, guess I might as well open up a can of good stuff for him now. Hope you holiday is going purrrrrfectly!


Lady Laurie said...

Peggy,he makes the purrrfect Santa!!

ms*robyn said...

so tell me do you give them turkey for Christmas? Here, we can buy pet food in cans for Christmas - turkey & cranberry !!

Maggie Ann said...

He looks like a handsome male...thats obliging...but only. Does that make sense?