Sunday, December 04, 2005

Your Christmas Guest

Take time this Christmas Day to go
A little way apart.
And with the hands of prayer prepare
The house that is your heart.
Brush out the dusty fears, brush out
The cobwebs of your care.
Till in the house that is your heart.
It's Christmas everywhere.
Light every window up with love
And let your love shine through.
That they who walk outside may share
The blessed light with you.
Then will the rooms with joy be bright.
With peace the hearth be blessed.
And Christ Himself will enter in
To be you Christmas guest.
by James Dillet Freeman


Maggie Ann said...

Oh I love this! It speaks to my heart and the picture is as wonderful as the verse of poetry.

Kali said...

What a special piece this is...a gentle reminder whilst we go ahead busily preparing our homes this time of the year, to remember the most important thing..our hearts!

Anonymous said...

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