Monday, January 02, 2006

After dropping Quintin and Gabby off I spent the night at Melody's house so I could go on to the memorial service for my uncle the next day. With 5 kids its always fun at her house. Woody had a friend over so they stayed in his room alot playing games. He and his friend did come out and sing a silly song for me. Zack had a friend over and they played outside till dark. Zack got his picture taken trying to take a picture of me with his new camera. Justin wasn't home that night and Julie and Hope let me take their picture with their new monkey pj's. We had a nice pizza supper, watched a little tv and got caught up on all the family news. I snuck out the next morning while everyone was sleeping. I enjoyed my short visit and hope I will get a chance to stay longer next time. The service was very nice.Its sad that our family has gotten together so many times this past year for funerals. We hope our reunions in 2006 are just that... a reunion to get together. Spent time visiting with my 2 brothers and then drove 5 hours home. Its been storming all day so I am going to set back and enjoy the fire and the peace and quiet.


Connie and Rob said...

Cute pictures. Little dolls in matching pajamas.

My deepest sympathy to you on the passing of your uncle. That was a very long trip for you in such rainy weather. I am sure you are comfy by now.


my vintage days said...

It sounds like you have a most wonderful family. And are blessed to be so close to them in heart if not by miles.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year my precious friend!
Love Jeanne

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

aww, looks like a nice time...the little girls in the matching jammies are just too cute..

Finn said...

Well Granny Peggy, about time you hit that chair and rested..*S* You've had an incredibly busy time since thanksgiving. But I know the time with family is precious.
Hugs for needing to be at a memorial service, hugs for being a wonderful grandma!! Hugs for a new year, Finn