Friday, January 13, 2006

Bonnie Marie Weatherman
November 28,1923 January 14,2005
Can't believe a year has past since we said goodbye to you. I can still feel your hand against my cheek and see your eyes as you are looking at the angels that came to take you home. I can still feel the hurt and emptyness that I didn't think I would feel as I watched you take your last breath. I can still feel the love you gave me each day no matter what I did or said. I still feel blessed that you were my mother and helped shape me into the person I am today. I still thank God each night for letting me share every day of the last month of your life with you. I still remember the last talk you and I had. I still feel your presence because you promised you would be watching over me. I am so blessed to have all these feelings and memories but I would give anything to hear you say "I love you" one last time. I love and miss you Mother, always and forever.


Connie and Rob said...

Oh Peggy you made me tear up. I am so sorry that you are missing your mother. She sounds like a wonderful person. I am sure you will never get over losing her but maybe the pain will lesson in time.

Maybe if you close your eyes and think of her really hard you can imagine her voice saying exactly how much she loves you. Her spirit is all around you.

Hugs, Connie

novaks8 said...

I'm sorry for your loss.
Feel blessed that she was such a wonderful mother.

I only hope that my children will love me this way.

Rachel said...

It's so hard when we lose our parents. We are especially blessed when we do have wonderful parents.

Maggie Ann said...

My sympathy dear Peggy...I know just what you mean.

Mindy said...

My sincere sympathys to you dear. My father passed away 7 years ago on the 28th of this month....I understand what your feeling, May God continue to comfort you.

Alice said...

Dear Peggy - although you still have sadness and pain when you think of your mother, you also have so many wonderfully positive emotions. I'm sure you are thankful every day for the many blessings you received from her throughout your life. The greatest tribute to her is that you are just such a loving mother and grandmother to your family.

berryhead said...

awww it always touches my heart when I read these posts peggy. Your mom was a lucky lady to have you for her gal. & you were a lucky gal to have her. we are all lucky to have our memories to sustain us untill we meet up with those we love again. Keep on remembering and sharing with us...xoxox

Kali said...

Dear Peggy ~ You were blessed to have such a wonderful Mother and such treasured memories ~ May she rest in Peace ~ Love, Kali xox