Sunday, January 15, 2006

Gone to the Dogs

The dogs sure are going to miss the kids! Twice a day they have been taken on 3/4 mile walk and they love it. Plus the doggie treat basket is getting low for some reason. Even though its suppose to be winter here the kids have been able to play outside without jackets most days and love it. They are sad that back home there is 3 inches of snow and their cousins are sleding . Still haven't gotten my DSL back and I am going crazy using this dial-up. Hopefully tomorrow they will get our neighborhood back up and running. Have a great day and will leave you with my scripture verse and thought for the day.
All that the Lord hath said we will do, and be obedient. Exodus 24:7
The heart must understand that whenever the Lord directs it intends to do, or there is no opening of the door for Him.


Flossy said...

It sounds like the kids are having a wonderful time. I wish I was there too!

berryhead said...

Hey that looks like my area! & Yeah peggy where is our snow??? I'm still waiting for a pile of it up here in the northwoods...wish it would happen!

berryhead said...

ps...I've got a smiling dowgy too:) cute pix!