Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Norm's Vacation Plans

Norm has his travel plans and is he ever excited!! He will be leaving home on Monday, February 6th. He has lots of places to go and some of you are even taking him on family trips from your home so he will get to see even more of this beautiful world. I have talked to him about his manners and picking up after himself. He knows to be nice to everyone and all pets. I have given everyone plenty of days with Norm but you can always send him on to his next destination early. Please don't keep him longer than the date given you as several of you have plans to take Norm on trips on certain dates. There is an envelope in the back of Norm's journal for travel expenses if anyone wants to use for postage. Don't forget to post a picture of Norm visiting you on your blog or email photo to me and I will post it. Before sending Norm on his way please write in his journal about his visit so he will have a keepsake of his vacation. This will be a fun trip for him and a reason to visit other blogs and see what they are doing with Norm. Thanks everyone for taking part in this fun but crazy adventure!!

Monday, Feb. 6th....... Heading for Ruffin, NC
Monday, Feb.27th....... Heading for Hardy, VA
Monday, March 13th... Heading to Owensboro, KY
Monday, April 3rd........Heading to Skidmore, TX
Monday, April 17th........ Heading for St. Louis, MO
Monday, May 1st............Heading for Litchfield, MN
Monday, May15th...........Heading for Boonville, IN
Monday, May 29th........Heading for Queensland, Australia
Wednesday, June 14th....Heading for Queensland Australia
Monday, June 21st........Heading for Woodford, Australia
Monday, July 3rd..........Heading for Lanarkshire, Scotland
Monday, August 7th.......Heading for Toledo, Ohio
Monday, August 28th.....Heading for Autryville, NC
Monday, September 11th...Heading for Home
You can click on the places Norm is going to visit the blogs.
Remember you can send Norm on his way early but please don't be late!


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness... Is it too late to squeeze in a fly by visit to my house betweem Flossy and Robyn? I will totally understand if not... my big mistake for not checking your blog. I would love to take Norm to see the ocean to see our glorious beaches... we have dolphins this time of the year. No pressure though. xx Nicole

ms*robyn said...

if flossy wants to have him a few days less and I will too, then that way you can squeeze in. I will leave the decision up to Norms mum though ;)
I can't wait to take Norm on the scenic railway in Katoomba.

Flossy said...

I'm happy to send him to you a few days earlier, Nicole, if that's ok with you Peggy?

Oreo said...

I'll be watching for him!

judypatooote said...

I am so excited.....I copied the schedule so I know when he is to arrive....thanks for including me Peggy.....

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well that is one long vaction, what is that like 7 months?...I amy travle the rest of the way with him..I need a vaction..

I hope one of these hoodleums doesnt kidnapp him..haha

cant wait to get him, and he should be here on my birhtday, so that is kinda funny..haha

Wanda said...

We are looking forward to Norm's visit!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I would have loved to have had Norman come to the Canadian North Wood. My cats would love to play with him. But crossing the borders is getting more difficult. Apparently, security threats have ended the longest undefended border" between us and our American cousins, that we once spoke so proudly of. It was an example to the World. I expect you did not get a passport for Norman. I hope Australia doesn't turn him away. They have a nasty immigration policy you know, particularly if you look a little exotic. ;)

ms*robyn said...

oooh I am sure our customs won't turn him away as long as who ever has him before Floss remembers to put a declaration sticker on the box. Peggy - can you remind who ever it is? thanks, darl ;)

Australia welcomes almost anyone into our country. Thankfully I am sure Peggy has organized Normans 'passport'

Heather Smith said...

Looking forward to Norman's visit! I have lots planned for him!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much my friends... I have told my children and they have monsterous plans for Norm. They are going to make 'little Norms' out of clay this weekend, they are that excited! I think my husband is more excited though.. finally he get another 'guy' in the house. giggle. Thanks again to Peggy, Flossy and Robyn. Many hugs, Nicole.