Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Norm's Vacation

Wow! I am surprised how many want to help Norm the Gnome have a great vacation. I am working on his itinerary now and will post it tonight. Norm won't be home till August so should be ready to relax in the flower bed when he gets back. I am so glad that everyone is willing to host Norm and I will be glad to help pay his travel expenses . William wanted to know why he couldn't go, but I think he travels enough as it is.

I have been mulching the shrubs and plants that I set out along with getting the rest of the items out of the van and put away. I even cleaned out kitchen cabinets! I can find my spices, teas and popcorn now.

I can even get a pan or pot out without all of them falling out... And that's a good thing!

I promised to post the story about my elderly neighbor's man. Night before last my phone rang and Fran told me there was a man sitting on her sofa and he wouldn't talk to her. I ask her how he got in because she locks her house up tight before dark. She said he walked through the door. Well she sounded sober but I knew that if anyone had tried to walk to her house that my dogs and her daughters dog would have barked like crazy and they didn't make a peep. I ask her somemore questions and realized that she was seeing things that weren't there. I told her if the man didn't leave in 15 minutes to call me back and then I called her daughter and told her to get her husband to walk down and check on Fran and explained what was going on. Chuck walked down and talked with her and even searched every inch of the house ... No man. Fran called me back and said she knew it sounded crazy but she saw that man and he would just sit and stare at her and not say a word. She described him in detail and said he was watching her while she talked to me. I called the daughter back and told her I was worried about Fran and that if they didn't get her to come spend the night with them I was going to go over and stay with her. Chuck went and walked her back to their house where she spent the night. I got the granddaughter to call Fran's doctor the next morning. The doctor had given Fran zoloft for stress and told her to take half a tablet for 6 days and then take a whole one each day. Once she started taking a whole one she started hallucinating. Fran knows the man wasn't really there but she told me he looked so real at the time. Needless to say she is no longer taking zoloft! After I talked with her that night each time I went out on the back deck to get wood or let the cats in or out I would look around expecting to see Fran's man. LOL So Ms. Robyn if I had thought I saw or heard anything that night I would have ran inside faster than you ever did! LOL

Well done, thou good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. Matthew 25:21

You can find plenty of work if you look for it; only don't look too far, because it is the little bits of things, which come right in your way, that Jesus wants you to do.


Shell said...

I love that the little gnome is going on a holiday! Like in 'Ameilie' right? It's so cute!

The story about your neighbour is really full on. I can believe that zoloft would do that to some people as I have known people on it and it can sometimes do more harm than good. Unfortunately antidepressants are given out like lollies from some doctors here. Whatever happened to good old counselling and therapy? I hope Fran feels better soon. And I hope that you don't bump into any strange men around your house!

Connie and Rob said...

You handled that so very well! I am just not sure what I would have done first. I know some of those drugs can be very disturbing to some people and thank goodness you were there for her. Think how many poor people take drugs because their doctor gives it to them and nobody monitors them at home.

Hope Fran gets the proper help.


ms*robyn said...

I thought it was going to be a ghost story !
any chance of you coming in Norms luggage, Peggy?

I do hope your friend is feeling better soon. I agree with the others - people should be monitored when they change doses for prescribed tablets

Flossy said...

Isn't it scary what prescription drugs can do to people?
I'm glad Fran is feeling better now, and you handled it so well. Looking forward to seeing Norm at the end of May - he will get to meet my brand new nephew, also due on May 29!! This is such a good idea - I told hubby and I think he thinks we are all completely nuts! *lol*