Saturday, March 18, 2006

Nice Saturday

Had a nice day. Ray and Sharon came down with their son Wayne. We did some repair on the roof, chicken pen, and a few other odds and ends. Sharon and I left for the flea market and thrift stores for a little while and Ray and Wayne visited friends. Sharon made me an awesome lamp for my birthday present (early). She took a gallon jar, drilled a hole in the bottom for the cord. Placed a flicker candlelight in the jar with silk flowers and greenery. Covered the jar lid with gingham material and raffati with wooden stars hanging down. It is soooo pretty and looks perfect in my livingroom! I did a little dusting and cleaning and then sat down to watch " The Butterfly". What a good movie! Its a French film about the true meaning of friendship starring Michel Serrault and Claire Bouanich. A young girl befriends and old age gentleman and helps him in his collection of butterflies. Its all in French but has subtitles so I was able to enjoy the beautiful French language and understand what the movie was about.


Ms. Vickie said...

Sounds like you had a very nice time.
You receviced a very special gift for
your birthday, one made from the heart
those are always so nice. I am certain
you will enjoy it so much.

Thank you for your kind words on my site
and for your prayers. I hope you do not
mind that I added you to my blogroll.

Flossy said...

What a lovely idea for a lamp! It looks so pretty - how clever is Sharon?

Glad you are having a nice weekend :)

ms*robyn said...

ahh friends, aren't they wonderful? love the lamp, what a great idea!
that movie sounds like one that I would like, must look it up. thanks Peggy xoxo

Connie and Rob said...

What a lovely gift. One from the heart makes it so much more special.

That movie sounds really good.

Hope the rest of your weekend is great.

Take care,

berriehead said...

loved all you've written here* I need to see these chickens of yours can you take a pic of your pen??? once the snow melts and spring is here we'll be out there building one so i need examples:) thanks peggy!

Rosa said...

Just found your blog. I love it!

Mindy said... the lamp and this little idea!! Sounds like you have had a lovely weekend...xo

Amy said...

That is so cool!

Maggie Ann said...

What a wonderful gift and the movie sounds so good to. Sounds like you had a great birthday gift. My card will be arriving a day or two late I all this drywall/painting stuff...I'm not getting it in the mail soon enough. It's coming though! *hugs*