Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good Day

The chicken lot is finished! My stepson came down and a neighbor came over so they got all the wire up and the door on. Ray and I caught the chickens and put them in the lot and they are sooo happy. Lady stands at her dog lot fence and watches them. If one of the other dogs barks and runs at the fence Lady heads them off. She has been right at the fence watching them for 2 hours now. She doesn't like it when they spread out as she wants them to stay close together. I made a small shelter for them to get out of the weather till William gets home to build them a chicken house. Now that the fence is done I can go get Miss Diva my goat and bring her home. Yes, its been a good day today but time for a nice hot shower and relaxing on the sofa. Norm has arrived at Wanda's and already stirring up excitement around her house. So for the next couple of weeks keep checking in on her blog to see what dear ole Norm is up to!


ms*robyn said...

my son has a border collie that constantly rounds his 'chooks' up. guess it is inbred in the dog to muster anything that moves. Our border collie use to chase cars like they were sheep :)
your life sounds like heaven! and there is nothing better in life than an egg from your own chook.

Mindy said...

Peggy..I read your writings about your daily happenings..and how I long for they"simple" life...maybe someday this will happen, but for now I am content...thank you for sharing your days with really blesses me dear friend! Enjoy your day..xo

berriehead said...

Peggy we're almost at the point of making the coop I sure would like to see how you go about yours if you'ld be willing to share photos sounds neat to have them out side:)

Shell said...

Great work! It must be nice for the chickens to have a flash new home. And Lady sounds as though she is doing a fabulous job. I think you deserve that relaxation on the sofa.

Looks like Norm is travelling well too!