Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Already?

The last few days have flew by and we still don't have everything done we planned on. Saturday we decided to stay around home and not go to the tractor show. William was tired from being on the road so long and we had to spend the next day on the road . We got the bikes out and went bike riding, fertilized the gardens and grapevines. William worked on the lawnmowers and I used them for a little bit. We grilled steaks, William surfed the internet and I watched PBS. Sunday at 4am I got up, milked Miss Diva who thought I was crazy for waking her up so early. The roosters got confused and thought they had overslept so they jumped down and started crowing.Fed and watered all the animals, made a pot of coffee, got William up and we started on our 7 hour drive to his daughters college graduation. The graduation was 3 hours long, we stopped for food and gasoline and drove 7 hours to arrive home at 11pm. I then had to wake up Miss Diva so William could milk her while I fed and watered again. Miss Diva was confused at why we had messed her milking schedule up and the roosters thought they had overslept again and started crowing. Was nice to see Lisa graduate and nice to be back home and nice to be back on a normal schedule today. William and a neighbor built a nice chicken /goat house today. All the chickens are roosting in it tonight and Miss Diva is sleeping under them like she enjoys doing but has a lot more room as this one is really tall. We worked in the chicken lot all day so supper wasn't eaten till 9pm tonight. We are both tired so I am going to get off here and let William check out eBay while I take a nice hot bath and go to bed. Hope everyone had a great day!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i was just thinking about taking a nice hot bath and going to bed:)

my monday sucked...dont even get me going:)

Donna said...

Car trips are deserve that hot bath and comfy bed!

Connie and Rob said...

Glad you had a safe trip to the graduation. The best part about traveling is when you get home.

You deserve a hot bath after such a busy weekend. Enjoy.


Patricia said...

poor dumb roosters, hehe. that cracked me up.

Heather Smith said...

Man, I'm tired just reading your post! Hope you got a lot of rest! Have a good one!

deni said...

Busy, busy, busy, hope you got plenty of sleep!

Rosa said...

You do so much in a day! I love the confusion of the animals. That's too funny.

Jeanne said...

You are always so very busy precious one.
Don't forget to take time to enjoy Spring!
Love you

dolly said...

phew you seem to fit in so much and I am always moaning that I am too busy.


p.s am loving the soaps xxxoxoxoxxx