Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wednesday Already?

Where has the week gone? I have so much to do and thought I would have plenty of time to get it done before William gets home, but that won't happen. William will be home tomorrow evening for a few days. His daughter is graduating college Sunday so we will be driving to West Virginia. We also are going to a tractor show Saturday so he can look and dream at the tractors and we can hopefully sell some soaps. We are setting up a table there. At least the women will have something to look at while the husbands drool over the tractors. I have flyers to print out and a list of things to get together for my booth. I have things to get done around here before William gets home so he doesn't have a big to do list waiting on him. Have to get his suit ready for Sunday and I have no idea what I will wear. Fran, my neighbor was going on a vacation to her other daughters but changed her mind at the last minute. I was so looking forward to a few days break. I know that sounds terrible but I am a little stressed with driving her somewhere almost everyday and all the phone calls during the day of which if I don't answer she stands out in her yard and starts yelling for me. I love her like a mom and I shouldn't complain but I am just ready for a break. Should count my blessings of having such a sweet neighbor. On a much nicer note. I got a package from Wendy and her family! I got lots of Tazmanian chocolates, a beautiful guardian angel in a lovely box from her daughter Judy. I beautiful Australian plate, a wooden magnet, Australian Bush Blend Soap,Tasmanian wholegrain mustard, tomato red pepper chutney, and lemon chutney. Thank you so much Wendy for the nice surprise package!! Time to go milk Miss Diva and get back to making soaps. Have a great Wednesday and enjoy your blessings!


Donna said...

I'm with you...where has the week gone already? Have fun going to the graduation and I hope you sell a lot of your soaps! :0)

Wendy A said...

Peggy- Glad you enjoyed the package. If you have a up on the Tasmanian Tiger. That is what is on the plate. Its a great story. People still claim to see them here regardless of their reputation of being exstinct. Hope Miss Daisy gives you lots of milk.