Thursday, June 01, 2006

He Talk Like a White Boy by Joseph C. Phillips

This book was given to me free of charge by Active Christian Media.

This review has taken me the longest to complete. It wasn't because the book wasn't good.... it is really good. I just found that each time I read a chapter I had to stop because I would be thinking what Mr. Phillips had written and deciding what my thoughts were on that topic. This book really gives you food for thought and is not a book you would speed read through. Most of the book is essays from his weekly column with various topics like: Family, Faith, Idealism and Identity. He writes about the African-Americans believing he is not one of them that he is trying to be white. Mr. Phillips gives a very honest view of how he is as black as they are and wants this attitude to end. This isn't a book just for a certain race. This is a book for any and everyone. A book to make you stop and think about your views on different things. I found that even though I am a white older female I agreed more than not with Mr. Phillips. The only thing negative that I can think of about this book is there wasn't much written in the faith section. Being promoted as a Christian book I would have like to have read more of his views on the subject. Its a good read and I recommend it highly.


novaks8 said...

Is he the guy from the Cosby Show?

If so, I have heard him speak and he was very interesting.

I was just taking a bath and for some reason was thinking about race relations and how messed up the world is and will probably always be.

I guess all we can do is pray.

Patricia said...

sounds like a good read. thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

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