Saturday, June 17, 2006

Is This Day Over Yet???

Met Maggie and Brannon to pick up Raigun and they took me to lunch at Cracker Barrel and it was very good. Day seemed to be going great. Maggie had made me some really neat looking tags for my soaps and gave me a photo of the girls ( will scan it later). Raigun and I stopped on the way home to pick up a few toys and a game..... you can never have too many toys or games at grandmas house. We got home and unloaded the van, put things away in the house and went out to feed the animals. All but 8 of my chickens were out of the lot. They didn't go far. They were on the outside looking in but it seems according to the guy working on our roof that Miss Diva was being mean. She cried the whole time I was gone and tried to get out of the lot. She made a small hole and the chickens got out there to get away from her. The guy working on the roof said he watched to make sure they didn't get in the dog lot. Raigun and I had to round up 40 chickens and it wasn't easy. They decided to run onto the property behind me that has keep out signs which I ignored at the time. There is also a swamp back there so I just knew I would see a snake. Took us 45 minutes in the heat of the day to get them rounded up but we did... just Raigun and I. Then we had to feed and water all the animals, milk Miss Diva who after she saw I was home went and laid down in her stall like nothing was wrong!!!! I have decided if I am going to be away more than an hour she will have to hop in the back of the van and ride with me. The neighbors had to listen to her cry all day and the chickens escaped from her "crazy" attitude. I also went to gather the eggs from the 5 hens Jane had given me. I made nests and put in wooden eggs and they had been working good.... too good. I found one of the hens sitting on the wooden eggs trying to hatch them. She was sitting on them yesterday morning and I left her thinking she was trying to lay an egg. She was there yesterday evening and I reached under her to get any eggs but there was only wooden ones. She was there this morning and she was still there this evening. So I have a hen trying to hatch wooden eggs, I have chickens escaping my goat, I have a goat that doesn't want me to leave home and I have a granddaughter that thinks grandma's animals need therapy..... her words not mine. I beginning to think I am going to need therapy if I have another day like today. Going to go count my blessings... I know I have them I just need to count them to remind myself how blessed I am!


momxtwo said...

You have had a day haven't you?

Just got through watching a movie where the mother was always counting her blessings. I loved it!!!

Check it out and tell me what you think.

"The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio"

It will make you laugh and make you cry.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Wendy A said...

A little irritation makes a pearl. I'd say your life is still pretty sweet.

Kali said...

I'm glad you got it all sorted in the end Peggy! I must admit it had me exhausted just reading about it and I did have a little chuckle too :)

ms*robyn said...

oh Peggy - what fun!!!! that goat is true to her name - a real diva - you go m*diva !!!!
I can just imagine her sitting up in your car going places with you - oh what fun! I adore her - and I love the fact that your grandaughter thinks they all need therapy - oh my !! I am laughing out loud at this.
oh and I love cracker barrell - we ate there alot when we were over there travelling - nice kinda home cooked food away from burgers and fries. xoxo

Daisy Lupin said...

Hi, thank you for dropping into my blog, and I am returning the compliment, what an interesting blog. It certainly is no fun rounding chickens up, our last neighbours had some and they were always escaping and sometimes I used to help catch them. Back soon Love Daisy Lupin x PS love the daisies on the cursor that popped up.

Gail said...

glad everything was sorted and thanks for the chuckle.
I can just see you rounding up the chickens.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mum... thanks for the chuckle lol.... I sure had a good one imagining you running around the yard getting chickens to do as they were told. Thanks Peggy for a lovely post. xox

Emily said...

Hi Peggy....your animals sound delightful....such personalities! Wish I lived close enough to visit. We're having our own adventures with our first flock of chickies and just got in a brood of keets. The five-week-old chicks are quite entertaining as they explore the great outdoors. I'm sure I'll have my own silly chicken tales to share as time goes by! God's blessings to you!

ms*robyn said...

ps Peggy, I think ms*Diva needs a straw hat to go out in the car. One with flowers on it !!