Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tag I'm It

Amy has tagged me for a me me and here are my answers:

7 things to do before I die
Help build a hospice care center
Get the homestead off grid and every project finished
Visit some of my blog friends around the world
Go on a mission trip
Learn to speak Spanish
Find a good church to attend thats as good or better than my home church in the mountains
Spend a week with all the children, in-laws and grandchildren just enjoying each other and not at a beach or amusement park.

Seven things I cannot do
Be patient
Sing on key
jump out of a airplane
sleep more than 5 hours
crank a chainsaw ( I use a electric one)
put a good book down till I finish it
sit around the house and do nothing

Seven things that attract me to my husband
His eyes
His willingness to give everyone a chance and helping hand at least once
Doing without to help others
being able to repair or build anything
Not being shy about his faith or praying out loud
His trust in others
his knowledge

Seven favorite books
Bible (though I don't always understand it)
Mountain Moving Faith by Kenneth Hagin
Any book by June Masters Bacher
Any Sue Grafton book
Any Patricia Cornwell book
Any Lillian Jackson Braun book
Created To Be His Helpmeet

Seven movies I’d watch again
Fried Green Tomatoes
The Chorus (French film)
The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood
Paradise Road
West Side Waltz
Wilderness Family

Seven people Id like to tag.....
Heather Smith

the rain has finally ended but we have flood warnings out. We got 6 inches of rain in a little over an hour not counting all the rest of the day. The run off from the rain will go into the lakes, creeks, ponds and rivers within the next 24 hours so we will have floods. There are already closed roads because of the flooding. I got lots of soap made today and took Vicki (a neighbor) a couple of potted plants for her birthday. Tried to clean the kitchen but I have soap everywhere so its impossible. Milked and fed in the downpour this morning but was able to milk and feed in between showers this evening. The ducks are happy with the weather but the chickens are tired of it. I was going to catch up on some reading but made banana bread instead. Also made a macaroni salad and fresh ice tea. Picked some squash while out in the rain this morning and will be cooking it tomorrow. Need to make cheese tomorrow and finish cleaning the tool shed. Its suppose to be hot and sunny so I will be outside all day. Life on the homestead never stops even for Tropical Depression Alberto! Now go count your blessings!


Amy said...

I enjoyed reading your list - thanks for taking part :0)

Jeanne said...

Love you my sweet friend.
Love Jeanne