Saturday, July 29, 2006

Busy Day at the Homestead

Annie our frizzy chicken that looks like she has a perm
Our new guinea's that think they are chickens
William and I spent the day building the goats their own little condo next to the roosting house. The chickens now have the run of the whole shed instead of half of it and Miss Diva and Davie have their own little house next door. It was terribly hot but we managed to build it without killing each other! After talking with a Vet it was decided that Davie needs to be bottle fed for another month. So along with his feed and hay I will be giving the little fellow a bottle 3 times a day. He really got perky after the first one. Started getting into things and checking every little corner out. So he should soon be growing and getting fat and sassy. I now have 3 guinea's and a frizzy chicken and 2 blue silkie hens. We seem to multiply fast around here! Tomorrow is William's birthday so we may go fishing on the coast or whatever he has in mind to do. I took him out for dinner tonight. We were almost too tired to enjoy the meal.Today would have been "Woody" and my 36th anniversary. A wonderful, kind, caring, give the shirt off his back and a very devoted dad. Sometimes its hard to understand why such good wonderful people die so young. I am sure he is smiling as he watches over our daughters and grandchildren. Dimples had a wild adventure today. She was sleeping on top of the truck and we didn't see her when we cranked up. We started down the driveway and William stopped to look at something and she jumped off and was so scared and disoriented that she didn't know how to come back to the house. I had to pick her up and carry her back to the yard. Bet she won't steal a nap on top of a vehicle anytime soon. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and counting all the wonderful blessings God has given us. Blogger wouldn't let me post the photos of the silkies or a new one of the ducks.... maybe later.


Rosa said...

You are just too wonderful. Sweet Davie will love you as much as Miss Diva now. What a sweet mention of your passed husband. That must have been very hard on you. But then God gave you William. Enjoy your day tomorrow and wish him a HB from me! Hope you catch a lot of fish; but most of all, enjoy each other and life. xoxo

Jeanne said...

I love to hear all about your busy days.
You are a dear friend and I love to send you blessings and smiles across the miles!
Be well my friend