Sunday, July 23, 2006


This is a photo of Miss Diva's new playmate "Davie". He was born May 20th and has a twin sister named Daisy. Daisy isn't up for adoption. Davie is from the same farm as Matthew. Dori contacted me to ask if I would like to have him and after seeing his cute picture and reading how spoiled he is I think he would be perfect for our family. I will be going to pick him up one day this week. The photo was right after he was born. He is two months old now and bigger. Will be posting photos and Davie stories really soon.
Had a wonderful time at the family picnic! All of mother's brothers and sisters were there and most of their grown children were there as lots and lots of great nieces and nephews and great great nieces and nephews. My aunts and uncles were very pleased with the turnout. I got to visit with a first cousin I hadn't seen since 3rd grade. Her son is married and living here in Fayetteville. He is with the army's delta force. Saw other cousins I hadn't seen in years and had so much fun catching up. It ended up being a 6 hour drive for me so I got there as everyone was eating dessert. I stopped and met Maggie, Brannon and Ragiun for 5 minutes in Asheville. They were hauling things for their yard sale next weekend. They are raising money to help pay for their adoption of a Chinese girl. My aunt Mae kept trying to get me to go eat some of that wonderful food everyone had cooked but each time I started to the table I found someone else to talk to and time got away from me. The kids and some of the adults had fun tubing down Deep Creek (I have photos I will post later) and that water was sooooo cold I passed. It was so nice and cool in the mountains that I enjoyed being outside all day. William and I met up in Clyde and had dinner together then I followed him to where he had to leave his tanker and we stayed in Salisbury for the night. I got up super early this morning and headed home so I could milk and feed the animals. While it was still cool I mowed the grass and weedeated around the flower beds. William got to sleep in a little longer then headed to his daughters house before heading to PA. All in all we had a wonderful weekend. I am so blessed to have such a special and caring family. Uncle Bob didn't stay too long as he got tired but he was so happy at the big turn out. This will probably be the last picnic we will have with him. My uncle Pete finally married his girlfriend he has been dating for years. They looked very happy. Everyone there had a fun time and it was just a perfect get together and a perfect evening with my hubby.


Lea said...

hey Peggy! Thanks for the the offer... He is only on day 2 o Gurad week.. so the MRE's are novel... I'm thinking sometime int he middle of next week he is going to be sick and tired of the things! He was of to arrest someone AWOL the last I talked to him... happy as a clam about it!

We just got rid of one of our goats and I wish I had sent her to you... a big sweetie but a tree eater.. and she scaled the pen and climbed on dh's truck... he put his foot down on this one ~sheesh~ what are a few goat dings huh? She just wanted to climb up so she could look in the window at us while we were eating dinner!

Rosa said...

How exciting! A new baby on the way!! Can't wait to meet him!! Miss Daisy is in for a treat, I hope! ha. And your reunion sounds wonderful even if you didn't get to eat much of that good food. Isn't that always the way??? Prayers for your uncle. xoo

momxtwo said...

My family went tubbing at Deep Creek a few years back. They had a blast.

Hello Davie!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

So Miss Diva is getting a new friend..Good for her. I am so glad that you had a chance to be with family that is so special in this day. Not too many families can do that anymore. Blessings. Sandy

ms*robyn said...

David and the Diva!!! ohh, I am so looking forward to their tales.
He looks so cute.

Lady Laurie said...

Glad you had a good time Peggy, it is so wonderful to spend time with those we love.

Trixi said...

It sounds like your picnic was wonderful. Good luck with the new goat. We have one buck and need to be looking for a doe. We haven't yet.