Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We Got Rain!

Last night I thought I heard raindrops and went out on the deck and watched it rain! Off and on all night we had rain and then today we had rain showers. Everything looks so fresh and alive now. Hopefully the rain came soon enough to save the flowers and veggies. I canned my peaches and canned some more field peas. It was pleasant working in the kitchen today since the rain had cooled things down. Tomorrow its back to the heatwave of summer but today was a nice break.
Had a couple people ask about my hens that don't do mornings. I have 6 hens that are still on their roost with their heads under their wing when I go out to feed in the mornings. I have never made them come down as I think animals are like people. Some just don't like getting up early. They sleep while I feed and milk and by the time I bring Miss Diva back they are starting to stir around and eat. They don't lay eggs in the morning but I can always count on their eggs being there when I do the evening feeding. I am blessed that every animal that lives here has its own personality. They have their own little routines, likes and dislikes just like me. My cats are at the back door crying and smacking at the door if I am not out to feed them by 6:10am. They know I always go set the milk bucket down and feed Bud (iguana) before I get their food out for them. They walk every step with me. They also sit back and watch while I milk except for Tiger who gets right under Miss Diva's feet. When I finish they run over to their bowl as they know they will get some fresh milk. The dogs know that after I take Miss Diva back and feed her that I will come back and give them a doggie treat. They have automatic feeders . Then I have to fill the bird feeders. I have birds that will sit on the deck railing fussing at me if the feeders get empty. After feeding the birds then I make my rounds cleaning and filling water bowls and buckets. I fill Bud's water dish and if he is down off his bed I give him a shower. He loves the water! I fill the dogs buckets next but they do not want me wetting them and will run if they think I am going to squirt them. I take the hose to fill up the chickens and goat's water buckets and check for eggs while they are filling up. Then I go empty, clean and fill the ducks water bowls. 3 times a week I empty their pool and fill it with clean water which lasts about 2 hours before they have put enough dirt in it to muddy it up. I then fill the cats water bowls and the birdbaths. I try to water veggies as I go. Each animal knows my routine and have built their day around it. They get upset if I get off schedule or do something out of turn. They know when its time for their meals, their snacks, fresh water and when I just go out and talk to them. They don't like it if I am early or late. Miss Diva doesn't mind if I drive off the property but if I walk to a neighbors she will stand at the fence and cry till I come home. I love the personalities of all the animals and I think they kinda like mine or at least have gotten use to it! They seem to know what I want or expect from them and I know what they like or need from me. Guess I should change from Hidden Haven to the Funny Farm! LOL.... have a great day and count those blessings!


Vicky said...

Peggy, I have so enjoyed reading your blog. You are an amazing lady!

Hugs from a very hot SoCal!

Rosa said...

Oh how lovely. I love the roosters! How sweet that you let them sleep in. What a sweet mommy you are. I wish I had you when I was growing up! I agree. They all do have personalities. You sure do have a lot of personalities to deal with though! Oh, and Peggy, before I forget, Miss Diva's soap is absolutely the best! Oh my gosh. The smell is divine. The sasafrass transforms me to my childhood. And it is soooo soft. And the face. Aw, Miss Diva. I absolutely love it. Please tell Miss Diva she has a fine product there! xoxo

Kali said...

Hi Peggy ~ I'm so pleased about the rain...lets hope it helps your garden.
Your animals all sounds such treasures...you are living such a rewarding life.
I hope you have a great day too, and I certainly remember to count my blessings...so much to be thankful and grateful for!!
Take care ~ Kali xox

HomemakerAng said...

the rain reminds me of the winter when i see the sun and run out saying there is a glowing light in the sky, run for cover!

Donna said...

I'm so happy that you got that much needed rain!

Trixi said...

I am glad you got some rain. We have needed it as well and it looks like some is headed our way. Your animals are tooo funny.

ms*robyn said...

Peggy - if I ever get to visit the US again, can I come visit? It sounds like such fun!