Monday, September 25, 2006

Answering Your Questions

Everyone seemed to like my answering the questions all in one post last time so decided to do it that way again. I have decided since I like to visit everyone's blogs almost everyday that it would be easier for me if I didn't comment everytime. So if you only see a couple of comments a week don't think I am not visiting, I am. I just don't have time to read all of your posts and leave everyone a comment. Keep blogging and I will keep reading as I love visiting each of you! Now here are the answers I should have gotten to long before now but better late than forget completely.

1. To get music on your blog scroll to the bottom of my blog and click on the words best audio code words below the video. It will take you to audio codes. Click on search videos and then you can either type in the name of a song or artist or scroll all the listings. When you find one click on watch video and you will be able to listen to the music and see if its what you want. If it is then click on get code. The code will come up and you copy the code then paste it in your blog template. Go to the end of your template where you see (body) right above (html) and paste your code above the word (body) . Before you save the template changes go to preview and see if it works and you still like it. If so then save template changes and you have music on your blog!

2. We raised $1,000.00 for Lisa and family. I went ahead and sent her the total amount raised though there are still a couple items I haven't received payment on yet. Lisa and Ed wrote a very nice thank you comment at the end of the auction and also on her blog. Thanks again everyone!

3. Yes, my grandma had snuff! My dads mom did anyways. I don't think my moms mom did but I will ask my Aunt Judy.

4. The photo is of my great grandma Collins. She lived to be 101! She lived her last few years in a garage apartment at her daughters and walked up and down those long steps everyday. I almost fell down them one time and she laughed at me about getting to old to go down steps.

5. Norm is on his way back to the states. He will be visiting Judy for 2 weeks and then on his way to everyone else. Each of you get to keep him 2 weeks unless he becomes a handfull then you can just send him on to his next stop early. I am sure he is happy he is extending his vacation instead of just sitting around a flower pot here doing nothing. I will let you know when he arrives at Judy's so you can go visit her blog to see what he is up to.

6. No, Sally isn't sitting on her eggs in her nest. She has 7 in there but hopefully she will sit on them after she gets a few more.... Hey I can hope can't I! Wilma is still sitting on 10 of Sally's eggs and Betty has enlisted help with her 10. She sits awhile and then lets someone else sit while she stretches her legs and gets a bite to eat. I will post more adventures tomorrow.

7. We expect the ducklings to hatch around Oct 13th. I will be sure and let everyone know.

8. No the cover of my chocolate book isn't real chocolate though it does look like it. Judie did a great job on my chocolate swap package.
9. Mary did my fall template for me. She is so good with html's. I am not. I have already been sending her templates that I like for winter! Thanks again Mary!!

Well hopefully I remembered to answer all the questions. If I left one out ask me again and I will answer. Thanks for stopping by the homestead and thank you for all the comments. Miss Diva and I love visitors!


novaks8 said...

I was playing around with some today.


I don't always comment anymore either. I just can't.

Rosa said...

Poor Norm, I think he gets a bad wrap. He is, after all, a gnome! He's supposed to be a little mischevious!

Kali said...

Hi Pegs, thanks for dropping by and welcoming me's been a wonderful time away with my lovely family, they really make my heart sing, though it's special being back at my spiritual home...
take care xxx

judie said...

Thanks for taking the time to update us all. And especially for the update on your animal family. You are so lucky to have chickens and ducks. Cute story: when my twins were little we lived in an apartment in Charlotte, with a pool. Someone gave them a baby duck. We were not allowed to have pets but they snuck it in. They took it over to the pool and let it swim, but drat! It was the day the apt. manager decided to have a swim also. She was NOT very we found the ducky a good home at the lake at a nearby park as soon as it was able to care for itself. Geesh! Grumpy ol' manager!