Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Normal" Day at the Homestead

How many can say they have animals with attitudes! Everyday there is a waiting line for the laying house. Doesn't matter that there are lots of other nesting boxes, they all want that one. Its got to the point that they are in there 2 and 3 at a time laying eggs! Its not that big of a laying area so they are sitting on each other. How many hens does it take to hatch 10 eggs? Ask Wilma and she will say one... her! Ask Betty and she will say as many as I can get to help me! She now has 2 other hens sitting with her and they have divided the 10 eggs among theirselves. Then you have to know I have a peacock afraid of heights! Every evening he goes up on the roof of the chicken house to roost with the turkey's. Every morning the turkey's come down. Every day Prince Charles paces on the roof wanting to come down but afraid. He walks to the edge spreads his wings, leans over, looks at the ground, then backs away from the edge and starts pacing again. I have to go and nudge him off the roof! After he gets down he is fine... till the next morning. Sally now has 8 eggs in her nest. Do you think she has decided to stay home and sit on them? NO, she is still partying with the boys. Whiskers has decided the scarecrow is a person. He goes out there and talks to it all the time I just hope the scarecrow doesn't talk back. As you can see Dimples has an attitude. She thinks sitting by a jack o lantern is stupid! The building will be finished this week! Bathroom gets started next week! William decided I needed a log splitter, isn't he a good husband! Every picture I took of the animals I had to push Diva from in front of the camera. She is for sure a Diva! The last picture is what I see everytime I get the camera out.


Jeanette said...

HI Peggy
Just come back for another visit
great post on the homestead silly peacock gets up on the roof and afraid of heights .hope your hubby uses the wood splitter and not you
and mother hen being a good mum . take care

Lady_MSnow said...

The peacock we had wasn't afraid of anything. I am sure it is a sight to see! Isn't it funny how animals "personalities" shine through. ;)

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

What a family you have Peggy...it is certainly full time work!! but you love them all!!

Patti said...

Too Cute! I love it!!!!!

Connie and Rob said...

Miss Diva is trying to get her picture out there so someone will offer to take her to Hollywood. She wants to be a star!!!

Take care,

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

boy that Betty is on to something..haveing someone else help her birth her babis, now that is one smart hen peggy..

miss*R said...

my hens do the same - they all stand waiting tolay their egg in the same box as everyone else, while 3 other boxes stand vacant. sometimes one will jump in with another hen, but most times they wait their turn.

Jeanne said...

Tell Miss Diva I want to borrow her pink Tiara.
How precious.
Love and kisses and the very best of wishes.
Love Jeanne ^j^