Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Auction Reminder

There are still a few that haven't sent their payment for the items they won. I need your payment and address so that the donors can get your item in the mail to you. They are waiting patiently. Donors if you haven't received a address from me to send your package out please email me just incase I didn't get your winners address to you. In my old age I do make mistakes or forget. LOL Overall the auction was a great success. I went ahead and sent the total amount to Lisa so they could have it and will put the last few payments that come in back into to my paypal. Any extra donations come in will go on to Lisa. Thank you again everyone for being such caring blog neighbors!


berriehead said...

ummmm?? maybe I've missed it peggy..have my donations been paid for?? If so I'll need the addresses...I've been so busy these past few days if you sent it to my mailbox I might not have seen it I'll check again to be sure if you could just send the info to my email

madelinesmercantile@yahoo.com Thanks girl! xo

Rosa said...

What a sweet success. You did good!