Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chocolate Swap

Ms. Robyn got another swap together ( sorry you are too late.. its closed) and its a CHOCOLATE swap! My swap partner is Judie at I know you all are shocked that Robyn gave us our partners on Tuesday and I haven't sent my package yet!! I love to start getting my package together the day the swap is mentioned so I have plenty of time before partners are announced. I didn't this time and I am sorry Judie. I didn't get a thing ready for this swap until last night and today, but its all ready and will be going out in tomorrow's mail! Hope you enjoy Judie and next time you mention a swap Ms. Robyn I bet I have my package ready to go when you assign partners! The Good Housekeeping Book you see really does go with the theme... its a chocolate cookbook. Okay Ms. Robyn whens the next swap???


Rosa said...

Still a little hotter than I'm comfortable with in sending chocolate! Your package looks soooooo pretty!! xoxo

Connie and Rob said...

Looks like you did a great job. My package will be going out today or Saturday.

Take care,

miss*R said...

I am gathering stuff for mine and hope to send it out soon - I am a little worried about the heat.
I am not sure whether to have the pampering swap this season or wait til the Christmas one....

Mrs.Garcia said...

Mrs.Peggy, A Chocolate Exchange Wow. I hope that my Family and I will be able to Participate in one of the Exchanges sometime.

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

wow Peggy, you put me to shame as so far I only have ONE tiny thing. That is my mission this weekend, to gather and package. You are VERY efficient!
p.s. I love how you did the Autumn leaf background here.
AND, your pillows go out tomorrow!

Jeanne said...

Yes I love the new fall look
and go see my blog post for today
as Tag you are it!
Love you Jeanne