Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Queen of the Diva's

Miss Diva was very upset with me yesterday! She kept wanting her picture taken and I kept shooing her away so I could take other pictures. Since she was having a attitude this morning while milking her I decided it would be in my best interest to have a photo shoot for Miss Diva. Needless to say she is in a better mood now. She is back to her Queen of the Homestead attitude and not butting heads with the turkey or chasing the hens.


The photos below may cause you to wet your pants, spit out your coffee or tea, roll on the floor and hurt yourself.

So for your safety please take a quick potty break or grab your depends.

Refrain from having any liquid or food in your mouth

Move any harmful objects from around your chair incase you should need to roll on the floor.

Remember its okay to laugh. We just won't let Miss Diva know, Okay. It will just be our little secret.

So withour futher ado I present to you the Queen of ALL Diva's......

Miss Diva of Hidden Haven

Wait for it


Miss Diva in all her glory!


Jeanette said...

love Miss diva followed instructiong rofl

novaks8 said...


That is too cute!

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

I absolutely LOVE it and laughed right out a good way, I'd never mock Miss Diva..she is DIVINE!!!
AND please watch the road on Friday for that brown truck coming your way with a package!!!!!(better have some eggs ready for the driver - heehee)

Rachel said...

LOL! Miss Diva is so cute!!

judie said...

Oh my gosh Peggy. Miss Diva is such a prissy thing. She's divine, and she knows it too! And your poor scaredy-cat peacock. What delightful stories you tell. Whenever I come here and read about your farm animal antics, I always go away smiling and feeling good! You are a wonderful animal mommy.

Did you know that Ben and Jerry's (as in ice cream) has made a committment to stop using caged (and thus tortured) chicken eggs in their ice cream, and start using free-roaming "certified humane" chicken eggs? It will take them 4 years to phase this in becuz it's harder to find free roaming for the amount of eggs they must buy, but they should be commended for getting started. Maybe you could be one of their future suppliers. If you want their address and the name of the "Director of Social Missions" email me.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

She deserves her name now doesn't she? What a Diva....!!!

miss*R said...

oh she looks very impressed! I do hope she had her hooves painted. I cannot wait to see what you do for her Christmas card photo !
I could just kiss her xox
can I be no.1 fan? we could have tee-shirts printed! 'queen of the divas'

Marian said...

Now if this won't get your goat, nothing will.LOL Even with the warning I just wasn't prepared. Peg, you are too much. No wonder Miss Diva is such a doll, she has a great human.

Patti said...

My Nubian,Jessie, is sure she is queen of the farm too. She makes sure all the other goats KNOW it. Maybe I should get her a crown.

~Nancy~ said...

So cute! I swear, I want a GOAT....not practical at all in subdivision life....but still.....

Thanks for the MUCH needed chuckle after the worst last two days ever!!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Diva sure knows how to accessorize.

Flossy said...

A more regal Diva I have never seen!

I also loved the pics of your other animals:)