Wednesday, September 06, 2006

We Raised $1000.00!!!!!!!

We did it!!! Auction is over and we raised $1000.00!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Below is a list of all the winners of the auction. I have received payment from some of you already and your address has been given to the donator of your item and it will be on its way to you soon. If you haven't paid for your items you can do so thru paypal using this email address to send payment to: or you can mail a check or money order. Please contact me by email for my mailing address. Again I can't say thank you enough to each of you. For donating, for bidding, and for wanting to help a family that you have never met. Your giving may bless Lisa and her family but I promise you that you will receive blessings from this auction too. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you.

Sharon little bear pin was won by: moobear with winning bid of $8.00
Patti a book: Recipes for Surfaces was won by: William with bid of $8.00
Judie mermaid and 2001 collectible tin was won by:altermyworld with bid of $10.00
My soap of the month was won by: Ms Robyn with bid of $50.00
3 day stay at Hidden Haven was won by: tlawife with bid of $30.00
Lisa mother earth doll was won by: Rosemary with winning bid of $40.00
Lisa pillows were won by: Me with bid of $15.00

the above are today winners and listed below are all the other winners.

Dolly pamper package was won by me with bid of $35.00
Ang small photo book and ATC's was won by Judie with winning bid of $36.00
Leanne cowgirl tote was won by with winning bid of $22.00 by kristy

Amy from BerriesPlace's vintage blanket was won by tlawife with bid of $20.00
Lee-Ann cup and saucer set was won by Lady Laura with bid of $25.00
Pea TY Beanie Baby was won by Rosemary with high bid of $10.00
Amy from Berrie'sPlace's pillow cases was won by Lee-ann with bid of $35.00
Natalie from Plain and Simple's 1950's apron was won by Me with bid of $15.00
Patti book: The Wood Finisher was won by kritter with bid of $5.00
Lori handmade spa was won by Berriehead with bid of $20.00
Sharon Lil' Purple Bear Pin was won by Mary with bid of $2.00
Rosemary Cigar Box Collage was won by Plain and Simple with bid of $15.00
Kali vintage looking picture frame Lee-ann wins this with bid of $15.00
Sharon antiqued Santa lapel pin : Lee-ann wins this with bid of $12.00
Nicole delightful finger puppets and carry bag : Queen Dolly wins with bid of $20.00
Rosemary three nesting boxes :Pea wins with bid of $15.00
Connie collector’s Barbie :Patti with bid of $15.oo
Alice 3 lovely handmade aprons: Leanne Roman with bid of $40.00
The 3 items donated by Tara over at parisparfait were won by Lisa with bid of $50.00!
Gretel two little original watercolours were won by Connie with the winning bid of $35.00
Tara 19th-century French religious symbol has a winning bid from Rosa for$90.00
Lisa little baby shoes were won by Mary with the winning bid of $7.00
That is a list of all winners. Thanks again for bidding and please get your payment in if you haven't already so I can give you mailing address to the donators to mail your items to you. I also want to get all the money in so I can send it to Lisa.

Here is what we raised:
Sunday : .....$147.oo
Total ........$1000.00


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

wow..u did good peggy..and everyone who bid..i am sorry i missed it...

Connie and Rob said...

That is amazing. You did a wonderful job on the whole auction.

Take care,

Rosa said...

Congrats Peg! Great job. You did a wonderful thing and deserve a pat on the back. Good for you and Lisa! xoxo (Money sent!) xoxo

miss*R said...

congratulations everyone! Peggy you did a great job with this - you will receive many blessings too - and don't forget the prize for the donators. xo

Marian (Miz) said...

What a winner you are! glad to see your auction for Lisa has been so successful.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Peggy.... you are an absolute treasure.... a treasure to be treasured.
You are amazing!
Much love, Nicole xox.

Jeanne said...

Way to go my lovely friend!
Blessings for you all!
Love Jeanne

plainandsimple said...

Well done Peggy - what a great thing to do. Your pinnie is on its way!

2SsMommy said...

How wonderful!! You guys are a truly wonderful group of people.

was Mommy22Ss

berriehead said...

Holy Mackeral! Good job!!!!!

Patti said...

YIPPYYYYY That is just awsome.Praise the Lord!!!!!

Lee-ann said...

Peggy that is just great I am so pleased that everyone came together from across your land and around the world to ease this families heartace just for a moment.

The world IS! a wonderful place if we just make it we can, and these auctions shows we have.

Blessings to you.