Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bad Day On The Homestead

Things aren't coming up roses around here today! Took most of the morning to get a 300 pound cast iron bathtub out of the bathroom. Then we made a trip to Lowes which turned into a trip to h*ll. William and I had picked out our corner shower weeks ago so all I needed to do today was tell the employee which one it was and let him get it off the shelf that was way way up at top. First I had to spend 20 minutes finding someone and end up having one paged. A older gentleman showed up with a attitude. He came around the corner snapping "what do you want". Of course I had to answer I wanted a corner shower and a better attitude from a Lowe's employee. He didn't seem to like my comment at all and tried to tell me they were out of the shower I wanted. Luckily I took my handyman with me and he found the shower and so the old guy had to get a ladder and get the pieces down off the shelf. Before I could tell him what else we needed he ran off. We tried paging and looking for help and after 20 minutes went to the check out where I told the cashier I knew it wasn't her fault but explained what happened. She wanted to find someone to help us finish our shopping but I told her we were on our way to Home Depot to finish. There was another man there looking for help when we were and he was at the service desk complaining when we left. We ran into him at Home Depot where he told us they wouldn't even call a manager to speak with him. We have spent thousands of dollars at Lowes the past few months and over $700 there today. I would have left my shower when I walked out of Lowes but they are the only ones that have the right size corner shower that fits in our bathroom. I came home and fired off a email to Lowes home office. I got a reply from customer care that the store manager would contact me tomorrow. We shall see but as of right now I am doing the rest of my home repair shopping at Home Depot. After dealing with that had some issues with another project William and I are into in Lexington that cost more money. ALL I seemed to do today was drain our checking account. Everything is out of the bathroom and tomorrow Wayne will start putting things in the bathroom. The floor , then the shower, then the special drywall that cost a fortune because its made for bathrooms, then the beadboard and everything else. Hopefully by next week I will have my dream bathroom. That is if I haven't moved into a padded room before then. William purchased a wifi card for his laptop that was suppose to be delivered yesterday and it hasn't showed up yet. I am trying to track it down as cingular shipped it. The duck eggs the hens were sitting on didn't completely form so I had to toss those eggs. They are sitting on more but I don't know if they are going to make it. I think the hens get off and the eggs get cold so stop developing. And the topper of all this mess... Prince Charles commented hary cary. He flew off the chicken house right into the dog lot and of course the dogs got to him before we did. William and I both cried and buried him. Poor Fred (the turkey) just stood on the roof of the hen house and cried and cried all evening. He and Charles were buddies and hung out together. So now you know that things aren't always happy here on the homestead. Blogger won't let me show bathroom photos of todays work but thats just how my day is going. Some days just stink but I am blessed that they are far and few between. I am blessed I am alive to have stinky days. I am blessed I have friends I can tell about my stinky day. I am blessed that this day is over and tomorrow is a new day!


Mindy said...

Oh goodness...i've had those days too,a nd yes they are few and far between...thank God!! Looking forward to seeing your pictures of you new bath! I used to work for Home Depot...Kitchen and bath Designer...a great time in life for me! Blessings and hoping this finds you and yours well!

~Nancy~ said...

Oh, so sorry!
You just had a day like I have been having over and over and over! I have felt like I was trapped in that movie..."Groundhog Day".
But, sorry, sucky days sure make me appreciate the ones that go sorta' well.
The Prince Charles event was sad.....he was the peacock? Too bad..truly...but I understand about farm life. I cried like a little baby when our plow mule died.
I mean, what 15 year old girl cries over an old farm mule?

Well, I did.
Hoping tomorrow goes much better...hang in there and just think how lovely your new bath will be.

Marian said...

So sorry the day was such a sad one and that your experience at Lowe's was so bad I Hope they do something extra nice to make it up to you.

karlanee said...

Don't you hate days and attitudes like that? In our town it's the opposite. Home Depot is where you can't find any help, Lowe's is where you get great service. Now matter which way round it is still awful!

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

that is definitely one of those days when you lay your head down to sleep you just know the next day has to go UP. Sorry you had such a time, one of my biggest pet peeves is the lack of true customer service anywhere. Good for you that you sent off the email.
Ah but poor Prince Charles...that makes me sad..and Fred crying...makes you realize animals do have emotions.
I so hope TODAY I much better.

AND I received my soap....FABULOUS!!! I can't stop sniffing them! heehee


Anonymous said...

I feel for you Peggy ~ at this point I won't even go near the "house." I am so sick of all the delays, I am just hoping it will be finished by this time next year.

Kathleen Marie said...

Oh wow, that is a rotten day. A rotten egg day! I am sorry about Prince Charles. That is sad.

The Lowes in Rapid City is as bad as yours. We shop Menards. No Home Depot here. When you go to Menards the parking lot is PACKED. When you go to Lowes the parking lot is only full of people who can't find what they want at Menards.

I am glad you wrote and complained. They are also overpriced in my opinion. We did get our Jacuzzi there but not much else.

I do want to say this will all be worth it in the end! You will love your new bath!

tlawwife said...

Wow what a day! I'm sorry to hear of Prince Charles. I know that is sad for you.

We may have to pay more in our small town for things but the customer service is great. That is one of the best things about living here.

Anonymous said...

Home Depot, Lowes, and Marvins have become alot like Sams' and the Super Walmarts....I avoid them all if I can. However, I do work for a home building supply store... called "Do It Best" Nabors' Home Center of Houston, Ms. We are seriously shorthanded at work-in store as well as the lumber yard....but if we had the attitude you have described we woulda been fired on the spot. I hope that you get some really good coupons or deals offered to you for your trouble with those folks!
In the meantime, check out your smaller stores...they do have catalogs and can order on line from their warehouses if they do not have what you want on hand. They may charge a little more, but sometimes getting what you want and a little service as well is worth an extra dollar or so.

Emily said...

Peggy I'm sending "cyberhugs" your way. I'm so sorry about Prince Charles and your all around rotten day. "Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. - Lam.3:22" Praising God and thanking him for another chance each day! I hope the rest of your week is filled with blessings enough to make up for the miserable day.

Anonymous said...

Peggy, I'm so sorry that you've had frustration on top of frustration today. Stores do lack customer service today and that is sad.

But tomorrow is a new day full of God's mercies and compassions and before you know it your bathroom project will be done...I have every confidence in you guys!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Today is the day that the Lord hath made...rejoice and be glad in it!! Yes that is what we are supposed to do but when a day like this comes along at least you can sit down at your computer and let it all out to all of us. That is a great thing about blogging. Now let me tell you Peggy...My hubby is a sub contractor for Lowes and believe me he knows what you are talking about!! He has fought this and fought this but seems to be winning the battle. He has to have the right cabinets etc to put in for his customers so each day he has a fight with sometimes not having the correct ones. it messes up his scheduling of his customers, etc. Believe me we both understand how you feel. Today is a new day and God understands our frustrations...Sandy

Rosa said...

What a horrid day. I'm sorry about Harry. Poor thing. Just remember the beautiful bath you will be getting when you hit a hurdle to jump. I remember it well when we were doing our walk out for mom's flat. It is wonderful, but it took some hiccups getting there, as always! xo